The Complete Pristine Trading Series


The Complete 7-CD Pristine Trading Series



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Learn how to trade using The Pristine Method®, by studying this intensive 7 CD training course. The first CD, An Introduction to the Pristine Method®, is an essential primer if you are new to direct access trading. The 6 CD's that follow each focus on a particular trading style, including: Core Trading (Oliver Velez), Swing Trading (Oliver Velez), Guerrilla Trading (Oliver Velez), Micro Trading (Oliver Velez), Intra-day Trading (Greg Capra) & Options Trading

Introduction to the Pristine Method® & Direct Access Trading by Greg Capra

Core Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Swing Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Guerrilla Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Micro Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Micro Trading Tactics with Oliver Velez

Intra-Day Trading Techniques with Greg Capra

Options Trading The Pristine Way with Dan Gibby

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